Fresh milk delivered throughout Scotland | Wholesale milk deliveries

What we are about

Mills Milk is run by directors Adam Mills and Alastair Mills with a dedicated work force. We supply homes and businesses across Scotland with fresh milk and dairy produce. We have a great wealth of knowledge within the dairy industry with milk been in the family for over 100 years.

Our doorstep operation is very environmentally friendly and a high percentage of our customers have their milk delivered in returnable glass bottles as they have done for many years. It is common for these bottles to be used 30 times or more as our customers can rinse them out & return them to be used again and again. This greatly reduces our packaging impact on the environment.

With our wholesale milk deliveries we deliver to shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, ice cream factories, schools, offices and many more businesses over Scotland 6 days a week using our fleet 20 refrigerated vehicles.

"Family run business with over 3 generations involved. Based in Largs for over 50 years giving us a wealth of knowledge in the dairy industry."